The Summer has officially begun whether or not you feel it. If you haven’t booked a summer holiday you may want to try and book soon as the cheap holiday packages and flights are going up all the time.

While you are planning your holiday is good time to think about your home and office security. Holiday times are a biggie for burglaries particularly when a property is left empty for a significant length of time.

Rule number one: Never announce your holiday plans on facebook or any other social media sites or blogs. Many homes have been robbed following announcements of where and how long owners will be away for.

Two: make arrangements before you leave for milk and mail to be taken in by someone you trust and occasional comings in and out while you are away.  Lights can be set on a timer so the fact that you are away is less obvious.

Three: Think about potential security weaknesses and  do something about them. You are best advise to call in a professional locksmith or can recommend what is worthwhile doing. Installing a security alarm is recommended as just having one deters robbers. If you cannot afford a system think about putting up fake boxes which can also help. You may want to secure window locks particularly those on the side or back of the house which are easily accessible.

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