How to save on a new lock

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Buying a new lock these days may cost you up to 150 quid. If you’re looking for a way to save some money, here are 2 useful tips:
Buy your new lock online – you can buy anything online today, starting from a simple as a padlock to more sophisticated high security locks. If you’re locking for an inexpensive lock, you can find one on Ebay, however for high security locks,  we would advise to check the Yale, Banham or Chubb  websites for special offers.
Repair your old lock – many people tend to get a new lock for their front door, the second they have trouble opening it. Locks & Keys offer a professional lock repair service in Sheffield and can assure you that a qualified lock and key expert can fix any lock and restore it to it’s former glory in about an hour. A repair service is much cheaper then a new lock and the labor costs you’ll pay for a lock replacement.


A good lock can lock anything!

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When I saw this picture in the “Coolest new gadgets for home” story in Forbes, I just had to share it with you. As a locksmith in Sheffield me and my team offer our clients a variety of locks maybe we should get a stock of these, they will surely sell like hotcakes!
I’m definitely locking my Chunky Monkey from now on!

Car lock replacement

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I hope you’re not planing to do this by yourself!

In the video it looks so easy, so why to pay for locksmith job, if I can do it myself, right?
When a locksmith is called to assist you with the damage you have already caused to your car the change will be much higher!
Locks & Keys Locksmiths Sheffield are called to assist with this kind of DIY cases at least once a month, and as professional locksmiths we feel that it’s our duty to alert our client of the damages and repair costs of their actions.

Keep your kids safe!

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Your locksmiths may be able to get the car open if the keys are inside but it may be too late for the kid that took them – see this horrific story-

Parents watch your kids! At all times know where they are… and make sure the keys are kept far from their reach…

Locksmith Terms

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So you’re locked out your house and you call the locksmith and he asks you what type of lock you have.  A lock – the type you stick a key inside and turn to open. How should you know if it is a cylinder lock, rim lock, bolts etc? It’s embarrassing to be in the dark when speaking to a professional who throws terms and phrases you are not familiar with.

Sheffield Locksmiths have drawn up a list of most popular locksmith terms to explain their meanings so you can feel comfortable discussing your lock and key problems and understanding various options you are offered.

An informed consumer is the best customer. You are much less likely to be taken advantage of if you show you are in the know. Instead of looking at your locksmith blankly when he asks how many levers there are, show you are knowledgeable and you will gain their respect.

The list is only a partial one – please let us know which terms are still missing, we will gradually add more terms and definitions over time.



Three Ways To Ensure You Don’t Stay Locked Out For Long

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No one plans to get locked out – unless it’s all part of some elaborate practical joke, of course. However, when you do get stuck outside your home, in the cold, it’s usually at the most inconvenient of moments.

For example, you might have locked your keys in the house in a rush on the way to work, or you may have popped outside to put something in the bin, only for the door to slam shut in the wind. There’s even a possibility you might have underestimated your own Hulk-like strength, inexplicably snapping the key off in the lock.

How you’ve managed to lock yourself should be pretty much a secondary issue. The fact of the matter is if you’re stuck outside, there’s a good chance it’s going to be cold – this is the United Kingdom after all! Your most immediate goal is going to be getting back inside a soon as possible.

Although you’re not going to get locked out all that often – unless you’re a complete clutz – it’s worth taking some preparatory steps to ensure you don’t get left moping around on your front garden for hours on end.

Here are just three to get you started:

Have Your Phone At Hand

If you’ve got a modern smartphone – like an iPhone or  Samsung Galaxy – you’ll probably have access to the Internet. Once you’ve got on you can begin trawling the web for a locally-based emergency locksmith.

Any good emergency locksmith will offer quick response times, and can provide homeowners with renewed access to their properties in relatively short amounts of time.

‘But what if my smartphone doesn’t have a strong Wi-Fi signal?’ you ask. Well, this leads us nicely onto the next point…

Put an Emergency Locksmith’s Number In Your Phone

There are a number of locksmiths that boast a national focus; however, they can provide local coverage. It’s well worth having the number of one of these firms that can provide a local emergency locksmith in your phone.

Locks & Keys Sheffield – 01143216142

And if you don’t want to put it in your phone, at least make sure it’s jotted down in your diary, or work planner.

Carry a Spare Key

A spare key is absolutely invaluable. It’s always the first thing most people wish they had when they get locked out of their homes.

Okay, you might have to pay to go and get one cut by a key cutter, but it’s an investment you won’t be left regretting if it’s hammering down with rain outside, and the door’s just closed on you.

Keep it somewhere safe – somewhere where it’s not going to be moved – and you’ll be able to access your home again with little stress, or effort.

If you happen to break your key off in the lock – as we briefly touched upon earlier – having a spare key isn’t going to benefit you much in the short term.

You’ll have to call out an emergency locksmith, who will depending on the lock, extract the fragments of the broken key, or replace the entire lock if the mechanism’s been damaged too.

Louisa Jenkins is a freelance home improvement blogger. From time to time she also looks at unusual situations homeowners can find themselves in and here she blogs on the use of an emergency locksmith when a person gets locked out of their home.

Choosing new locks.

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To many it sounds like something you just order when needed and have installed without much thought but new locks is actually something you should give a bit of time to. Locks are the security of your home and business and can mean the difference to whether you become a victim to a burglary or not.

There are many different types of locks, different brands, different security levels and even different materials. Choosing your new lock should be a decision made together with someone who understands the locks and whom you trust. Ensuring your locksmith is trustworthy is vital to your security and to your pockets. There are many rogues out there who are always on the lookout to make an extra windfall on naive customers. Suffice it to say that without proper precaution you may be left with no lock and no money!

A professional locksmith can remove your old lock even if it is jammed or broken without  causing damage. He will explain the options and the pros and cons of different models and makes. He can suggest where extra security is necessary and where it is unnecessary and of course charge reasonable prices.

Always keep a local locksmith number handy so you are not stuck taking someone you don’t know.

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